Are you new to SAP Analytics Cloud? This is the guide for you.

New to SAP Analytics Cloud

Guided Learning

If you need some videos to get your started
access our Guided Learning area.

Learn SAP Analytics Cloud

These tutorials have been developed to help you get started using Business Intelligence products. New content is added as it becomes available, so check this site for updates.
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Attending SAP Analytics Cloud webinars

Attend virtual webinars and workshops that provide a general overview of SAP Analytics Cloud features and help you take your first steps with SAP Analytics Cloud. Visit our site to learn more about registering and to view past recordings.
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Attending OpenSAP courses

OpenSAP offers courses for SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP Digital Boardroom. For more information visit the OpenSAP Website.
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How can I learn about new features added?

We blog regularly showing new features added to the product:
Check for what's new blogs in the Community Area.

How can I test SAP Analytics Cloud?

You can request your demo here:
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I am old-school, I need a book

Don't worry, we got you covered. There is an excellent book by Pravin Datar.
Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud BI and Planning

Where is the Product Documentation?

Find step-by-step procedures, what's new information, and video tutorials on how to use SAP Analytics Cloud. Help is also available within the SAP Analytics Cloud application from the ? menu. Multiple languages versions are available.
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Where do I find the Product Availablity Matrix (PAM)?

System Requirements and technical prerequisites are available in the product help.
System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites

Searching for Known Issues (KBAs)

Sometimes having an error message can help: it allows you to search.:
· Using Google to Search for KBAs. You can add your own terms
· Using Support Launchpad Launchpad Support (Requires valid S-User)
· Check the community for similar error messages: Search in SAP community
Using Support Launchpad to filter filter the results using the Component column in the results. The components related to SAP Analytics Cloud are:
List of Components
· LOD-ANA-BI: SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence
· LOD-ANA-BR: SAP Digital Boardroom
· LOD-ANA-PL: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
· LOD-ANA-PL: SAP Analytics Cloud - Predictive

Where are the SAP Analytics Cloud forums?

SAP Community Answers allows you to find answers and ask questions in an active community of users and experts. Use the Tag SAP Analytics Cloud.

Would I get help if I get an error with third-party software?

Apache Tomcat, a free open-source third-party web application server, is not an SAP product.
SAP recommends you contact a qualified third-party vendor or consultant for problems such as performance tuning, out of memory issues, or not being able to start or stop Apache Tomcat.
2280098 - Does Apache Tomcat belong to Product Support scope
The other third-party products used by BI are also supported in the similar way.

Where can I submit a product enhancement request?

You can use SAP Idea Place. You can search for enhancements already requested and vote for them or add your own request if nobody has suggested your idea yet.
SAP Idea Place

Creating An Incident

I am using the product and found a bug

Use Launchpad support to find known issues or submit bugs
Connect to Launchpad in support (Require a valid S-User)
Add all relevant information to speed-up processing KBA 2487011 - What information do I need to provide when opening incidents with SAP Analytics Cloud
When submitting a new bug, you should select the following component:
· LOD-ANA-BI: SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence
· LOD-ANA-BR: SAP Digital Boardroom
· LOD-ANA-PL: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
· LOD-ANA-PL: SAP Analytics Cloud - Predictive

Support Portal FAQ

· Problems accessing the Portal
· Downloading Software
· Administering S-users...
SAP Support Portal FAQs.

Contact us

If you can't login to the SAP Support Portal
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Selecting the Correct Priority

An incident should be categorized with the priority "very high" if the problem has very serious consequences for normal business processes or IT processes related to core business processes. Urgent work cannot be performed. This is generally caused by the following circumstances.
- A productive system is completely down.
- The imminent system go-live or upgrade of a production system can't be completed.
- The customer's core business processes are seriously affected.
- And for each circumstance a workaround is not available.
67739 - Priority of problem incidents