public struct FUIStatusBarStyleHelper

This FUIStatusBarStyleHelper is to help the application developer set the status bar style on iOS devices. This is needed since iOS does not provide an API to directly manipulate the status bar style and some of the SAPFiori UI components need to have specific status bar style.

The statusBarStyle of FUIStatusBarStyleHelper will be set by the SAPFiori UI components which need to have the specific style. Application should override UINavigationController‘s preferredStatusBarStyle property similar to the code below to apply the status bar style to the application.

extension UINavigationController {
    open override var preferredStatusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle {
        if let statusBarStyle = FUIStatusBarStyleHelper.statusBarStyle {
            return statusBarStyle
        return navigationBar.barStyle == .default ? .default : .lightContent
  • The desired status bar style to be applied. The default is nil, no specified bar style for the SAPFiori component.



    public static var statusBarStyle: UIStatusBarStyle? { get set }