Attachments Controller

  • The FUIAttachmentsViewController manages the presentation of a collection of attachment thumbnails, and previews of specific files.


    Developers should implement the FUIAttachmentsViewControllerDataSource and FUIAttachmentsViewControllerDelegate, to supply content to the controller, and handle events.

    Attachment Actions

    The controller also supports presentation of an Add Attachment action sheet, which displays a list of FUIAttachmentAction options. Attachment actions are typically used for acquiring (adding) attachments. Default FUIAttachmentAction implementations are provided, for obtaining data from the camera, or photo albums. Developers should add FUIAttachmentAction instances to the controller, using addAttachmentAction(action:).

    Presenting Attachment Previews

    The FUIAttachmentsViewController uses a native QLPreviewController to present file previews, when the user taps on an attachment icon. The QLPreviewController requires a valid file URL, and will request the URL for a selected attachment, in the FUIAttachmentsViewControllerDataSource urlForAttachmentAtIndex: method. If the developer returns nil, or, if the QLPreviewController cannot handle the URL provided, then the FUIAttachmentsViewControllerDelegate couldNotPresentAttachmentAtIndex: method will be invoked. The developer should handle the presentation for these cases, using a custom view controller, or other presentation framework.


    Supported style classes

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    open class FUIAttachmentsViewController : UIViewController, QLPreviewControllerDataSource, QLPreviewControllerDelegate