Background documentationSAP Geographical Enablement Framework


SAP Geographical Enablement Framework works as the foundation to extend business data with geometric attributes for SAP S/4HANA. As a framework leveraging the spatial capabilities inherent in SAP HANA, it enables organizations to develop geospatially enriched business data, and make them accessible from within SAP applications as well as external GIS (geographical information system) systems. The framework is being delivered with a standalone Geometry Explorer, Geometry Editor, and a template for the Business Partner business object as an example for spatially enabling other business objects.

  • The framework provides a map based UI that can be embedded in SAP S/4HANA functions, using this framework to quickly geo-enable their business objects and support geospatial processes.

  • The framework provides a standalone web-based Geometry Explorer. It allows the end user to view both business data from SAP functions, and engineering data from GIS systems on the same map to obtain better insights. It also allows the end user to access multiple SAP applications directly from the map to improve efficiency.

  • The framework provides a standalone web-based Geometry Editor. It allows the end user to search, view, and update geometry for any geo-enabled SAP business object.

  • The framework provides comprehensive Customization that allows geo-enablement of any SAP business object and features, such as adjusting map UIs for different user groups and scenarios, configuring application launching functionality from the map, and setting up external GIS connections.

  • The framework exposes the geometries and attributes of geo-enabled SAP business objects as feature classes to be consumed using standard GIS tools.