Background documentationMRP Live: Incompatible Changes


The following tables contain a list of the incompatible changes that you must take into account when working with MRP Live.

Functions Not Supported


How to Upgrade

BAdIs no Longer Supported

MRP Live (transaction MD01N) does not process BAdIs for materials that are completely planned in SAP HANA.

For such materials, you have to force the MRP Live run to call classic MRP by setting the Plan in Classic MRP indicator in transaction MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSIC.

Total Requirements not Supported

Total customer and total dependent requirements are not supported.

Total requirements were used for performance reasons which is now no longer necessary.

Before activating the business function, make sure you have no total requirements in your system. See Prerequisite: Clean Up Total Requirements

Planning Horizon

MRP Live does not support net change planning in the planning horizon. The planning horizon is ignored.

This planning run type was a performance measure only which is now no longer necessary.

After the upgrade, a new report is available to carry out MRP Live. The new report does not offer this planning run type.

Planning File Entries in Table MDVM

Only planning file entries in table DBVM are supported. Planning file entries in table MDVM are no longer supported.

Performance of reading DBVM is much better because it has a proper key.

Run report RMDBVM00 if it has not already run before.

Planning Sequence of Plants

Table T439C has been decommissioned.

Table T439C only allows you to define the planning sequence of locations not location materials. With the sequence defined in table T439C you cannot support the stock transfer of different materials in different directions between the same two locations.

The MRP logic determines the planning sequence of plants automatically. There is no need to define a planning sequence in a table. No special activities are necessary.

Creation Indicator for Purchase Requisitions

The creation indicator for purchase requisitions is not available in MRP Live. MRP Live always creates purchase requisitions for external procurement. It does not support the process where planned orders are created first that have to be converted into purchase requisitions later.

Simplification of the procurement process. The reason for using planned orders in the external procurement process was to separate responsibilities. The purchaser was responsible for purchase requisitions and the production planner for planned orders. The conversion of planned orders into purchase requisitions transferred responsibility from the production planner to the purchaser. This process is no longer required.

After the upgrade, a new report is available to carry out MRP Live. The new report does not support the creation of planned orders for external procurement.

If you require planned orders for external procurement, you have to use classic MRP.

Creation Indicator for Delivery Schedule Lines

The creation indicator for delivery schedule lines is not available in MRP Live. MRP Live always creates delivery schedule lines if the material’s source list entry tells MRP to do so.

There is no conversion of purchase requisitions into delivery schedule lines. Therefore an MRP run that does not create delivery schedule lines, renders delivery schedules useless.

No upgrade activity necessary.

Destinations for Parallel Processing

For MRP Live, destinations for parallel processing no longer have to be defined in table T462A. The Customizing activity Define Parallel Processing in MRP is no longer necessary.

Destinations can be determined automatically using server groups. There is no need to define them separately

Define server groups.

Subcontractor Planning Segments

Subcontracting is only supported with explicit MRP areas (BERTY 03). Subcontractor planning segments (PLAAB 26) are not supported.

Subcontractor MRP areas support all features of subcontractor planning segments. This is an attempt to reduce redundant features.

You have to activate subcontractor MRP areas by creating an MRP area of the type subcontractor for every subcontractor. Then you have to assign every subcontracting part and every vendor that requires the part to the MRP area.

Different System Behaviour


How to Upgrade

MRP List

No MRP list is created for the MRP Live run with the exception of termination MRP lists for materials with inconsistent data.

For performance reasons.

The same information is available in the stock/requirements list. Use this list instead.

Deletion of Planned Orders and Purchase Requisitions

MRP Live deletes planned orders or purchase requisitions created by an earlier planning run and creates new ones – if they were not firmed and if the quantity or date has to be changed.

For performance reasons. This means that planners should be aware of the fact that planned order numbers or purchase requisition numbers could change more frequently than in the past.

Nothing to be considered during the upgrade.

Maximum Number of Purchase Order Proposals

Difference in behavior with regard to the maximum number of purchase order proposals per date (which is maintained in the customizing transaction OMI8).

Classic MRP: The planning run is terminated when the number of purchase order proposals per date is exceeded and a relevant error message is displayed.

MRP Live: Here, the system creates as many purchase order proposals as is defined.

Nothing to be considered during the upgrade.

Reorder Point Planning with External Requirements

In Customizing for MRP, you can define that external requirements are to be included in the planning run for reorder point planning. In classic MRP, you can differentiate between the external requirements for order reservations and for plant maintenance orders or networks. In MRP Live, this differentiation is no longer valid and the system only takes the order reservation indicator into account.

For performance reasons.

Depending on your current selections in Customizing, note the following:

  • If both indicators are selected, no change.

  • If only order reservations are selected, no change for classic MRP, but in MRP Live on HANA, the system will behave as if both indicators are selected and include the external requirements for both order reservations and plant maintenance orders or networks in the planning run.

  • If only plant maintenance or networks is selected, no change for classic MRP. However, these external requirements will no longer be included in the MRP Live on HANA run. To include these external requirements, select the order reservations indicator.

Processes Not Supported by MRP Live


How to Upgrade

Multi-Level, Make-to-Order Planning

Multi-level, make-to-order planning (transaction MD50) is not optimized for MRP Live.

Multi-level, make-to-order planning was a performance measure only which is no longer necessary.

Use MRP Live for the top-level material and include the BOM components in planning.

Individual Project Planning

Individual project planning (transaction MD51) is not optimized for MRP Live.

Individual project planning was a performance measure only which is no longer necessary.

Use MRP Live for the top-level material and include the BOM components in planning.