Getting Started

Here's a checklist for setting up your system so you can develop applications using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.




Sign up for an SAP Cloud Platform global account. You require an SAP Cloud Platform global account to enable SAP Web IDE. Getting a Global Account

Enable principal propagation (production only)

In order to support the SSO solution of SAP Web IDE, you need to configure your account to allow principal propagation.

Principal Propagation

Enable SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

In the cockpit, go to Start of the navigation pathNeo Environment Next navigation step Services Next navigation step SAP Web IDE Full-StackEnd of the navigation path and enable the service.

Grant user permissions

To enable working with SAP Web IDE, developers need to be assigned the DiDeveloper role.

Assign Users Permission for SAP Web IDE

Connect to backend systems (optional) If you need to use ABAP backend services in your applications, create destinations to the services.

Connecting to ABAP Systems

Migrate projects

If you have existing projects in SAP Web IDE, you can migrate them to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

Import Projects from the Previous Version of SAP Web IDE

Enable identity provider (IdP)-based authentication for SAP Web IDE applications (optional)

If you define a custom identity provider for your subaccount in SAP Cloud Platform, be sure to configure the assertion-based attributes mapping for this IdP.

Configure Trust to the SAML Identity Provider

In order to develop applications to run in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment, you also need to set up the following:




Create subaccounts in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.

Select a region according to the guidelines in the Neo and Cloud Foundry Regions topic.

When you create a subaccount in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment, a Cloud Foundry organization is automatically created for that subaccount.

We recommend you create subaccounts for development, staging/test and production purposes.

Create Subaccounts In Your Global Account

Create spaces

You can create and delete spaces in a Cloud Foundry organization using the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit or the console client (Cloud Foundry command line interface).

We recommend at least one space for a development team working on the same project (that is, one space per project).

For staging/test and production organizations, one space is sufficient.

Managing Spaces

Assign members to your Cloud Foundry organizations and spaces

Enable your developers to work with your SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environments.

Your developers should be assigned to the space developer role to be able to use the space from SAP Web IDE.

Managing Members

Connect to Cloud Foundry services (optional)

You can create destinations to Cloud Foundry services and consume them in the applications you create with SAP Web IDE.

For each service, you need to create a destination for each space to which the service is deployed.

The step is optional at this point. You can set up your destinations now as you get started, or you can create them when you create new applications.

Connect to Cloud Foundry Services

Create Destinations for Cloud Foundry Services