Accessibility (Getting Started)


This section contains information about accessibility in an SAP environment. It is intended in particular for the following user groups:

  • Users that use a screen reader program

  • Screen magnifier users

  • Users with visual impairments who do not use any electronic assistive technologies

  • Users with motor impairments

This section includes a description of how to use the functions in the system. For additional information and an overview of the available accessibility documentation, see Accessibility.

The information on accessibility is structured according by technology, for example, SAP GUI for Windows, Portal, or SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence. Use the structure to orientate yourself to the technology that you use.


SAP does not itself provide the user with any of the assistive technology (for example, screen readers, screen magnifiers, and dedicated hardware resources) required for working in accessibility mode.

The declarations about accessibility in the SAP disclaimers apply in particular to all accessibility documentation.