Error and Conflict Handler (CA-FS-ECH)


You use Error and Conflict Handler (ECH) to control the response to business errors and conflicts as part of asynchronous processing.

Implementation Considerations

To be able to use Error and Conflict Handler, in Customizing for Error and Conflict Handler, choose Start of the navigation path Activate Error and Conflict Handler End of the navigation path.

To work with ECH, you need one of the following roles:

  • Processor of ECH/PPO Postprocessing Orders (SAP_ECH_PROCESSOR)

  • Forward Error Handling (ECH/PPO) Administrator (SAP_ECH_ADMIN)

For more information about these roles, see transaction PFCG.


Error and Conflict Handler uses the components Postprocessing Office (PPO) and Hierarchical Derivation Service (CA-FS-HDS):

PPO creates and processes postprocessing orders. HDS determines the suitable resolution strategy for error correction, specifying postprocessing activities that are available.


Error and Conflict Handler includes the following functions:

You make the settings for the functions in Error and Conflict Handler in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components Next navigation step General Application Functions Next navigation step Error and Conflict Handler End of the navigation path.