Create a New User

As a tenant administrator, you can create a new user in the administration console for Identity Authentication.


You are assigned the Manage Users role. For more information about how to assign administrator roles, see Edit Administrator Authorizations.


The tenant administrator creates the new user with a minimum set of attributes and can set an initial password.


  1. Access the tenant's administration console for Identity Authentication by using the console's URL.
  2. Choose the User Management tile.

    The system displays the first 20 users in the tenant sorted by their user ID number.

  3. Press Add User.
  4. Fill in the required fields in the dialog box.

    E-Mail field can be skipped when Set initial password or Set status active is selected, and E-Mail is configured as not required in the Logon Alias view.

    Vaues for E-Mail, First Name and Last Name that are part of the respective exclude list cant' be used. For mor einformation, see Restrict User Attributes Values via Exclude Lists.

  5. Select one of the following options:
    • Send activation e-mail - The user receives an e-mail with instructions how to activate the user account.

    • Set initial password - The tenant administrator sets the password for the user.
    • Set status active - The tenant administrator creates a user with status active. The tenant administrator does not set an initial password for the user, and the user does not receive an e-mail with instructions how to activate the user account.
      This option can be used in the following scenarios:
      • Identity Authentication acting as identity provider (IdP) proxy
      • certificate authentication
  6. Save your entries.


If the operation is successful, the system displays the message: User "<name of the user>" created. Identity Authentication creates the new user and assigns User ID (P user) and User UUID (universally unique identifier (UUID) format).