If you experience issues installing or using SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, on-premise edition, please report an incident under component CA-PDM-AHC.

I experience issues when looking at the 3D Chart insight provider in a language different than English.

When you open the Asset Health Control Center in a language other than English, you might experience issues in the 3D chart. The metric IDs that you can select for analysis from the drop-down menu in the 3D chart are not fully available in your browser language.

The metric IDs are a combination of a ThingType, PropertySetType, and a PropertyId. Their descriptions are maintained in the following SAP HANA views:
The ThingType and the PropertySetType are displayed in their original language. Only the PropertyId description can be translated.

I experience issues when trying to resolve results from the machine learning engine in insight providers.

If two models that score the same Thing have the same PropertySetTypeId, this results in ambiguous entries in the READINGS table. The reason is that the READINGS table does not work with keys. Insight providers might thus not be able to resolve scores in the Asset Health Control Center.

For more information about the READINGS table, see the chapter Data Model in the guide Installation of SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, on-premise edition 1.0.

Please make sure that you either use one property set type ID per model, or you use the same property set type ID for different models only if the models score different Things related to this ID or Things of different Thing types related to this ID.