Insight Providers

Insight providers are microservices that support business users in analyzing assets and their components.

Business users can add insight providers from the Insight Provider Catalog to the Asset Health Control Center and the Asset Health Fact Sheet to analyze a specific selection of assets and components. In addition, insight providers that contain tables can be personalized for a running browser session. Business users can thus decide which table columns they need for their current analysis and which columns they want to hide.

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, on-premise edition is delivered with the following insight providers:
Table 1: Insight Providers Available in the Insight Provider Catalog

Insight Provider


Asset Explorer

Provides a list of assets, as well as their attributes. It also enables you to set filters.


Provides a hierarchical list of the components of an asset, along with their attributes.

Derived Signals

Provides a list of the current derived signals based on rules defined for sensor data, and a 2D chart for data visualization.

Work Activities

Provides a list of current work activities with details.


Displays assets and their health status by geolocation and issue severity. Also allows spatial selection.

3D Chart

Provides sensor data visualization across assets and time, and the ability to overlay derived signals.

2D Chart

Provides data visualization across one or more measurements.

Asset and Component Scores

Provides a sorted list of asset and component scores indicating their current health status.

In addition, key figure sets that are configured by an administrator can also be used as insight providers. For more information, see the guide Configuration of SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, on-premise edition 1.0.