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Pages contain the control definitions that make up each app page.

Page Properties

Property Type Required
ActionBar ActionBar Optional
Caption string Optional
Controls array Optional
DataSubscriptions DataSubscriptions Optional
OnActivityBackPressed ActionOrRule Optional
OnLoaded ActionOrRule Optional
OnResume ActionOrRule Optional
OnReturning ActionOrRule Optional
OnUnloaded ActionOrRule Optional
PullDown PullDown Optional
Result TargetPath Optional
ToolBar ToolBar Optional
_Name string Optional
_Type const Required


The navigation bar that is typically at the top of the page.


Title caption of the app.

  • type: string


List of controls appearing in page content. Typically, it only supports a maximum of 1 control. It supports 2 controls only when the first control is a SectionedTable that contains either ObjectHeader or ProfileHeader or KPIHeader and the second control is a Tab control.

  • type: array

All items must be of the type:

One of the following conditions need to be fulfilled.

Condition 1

Condition 2

Condition 3

Condition 4

Condition 5

Condition 6

Condition 7


Array of data change events to subscribe to.


The event handler is triggered when the user selects the system back button. This is applicable to Android platforms only. PLT formatter is not supported.


The event handler that will be triggered when the page is loaded for the first time. It will not be triggered on returning from another page. It will only be triggered again if the page is closed and reopened. PLT formatter is supported.


The event handler that will be triggered when the app is resuming from background and the page is the current active page. PLT formatter is supported.


The event handler that will be triggered when the app return to the page from another page through backward navigation or closing of modal page. PLT formatter is supported.


The event handler that will be triggered when the page is unloaded i.e. when user navigate back or close the modal page. PLT formatter is supported.


The event that will be executed when the page pull down operation is performed i.e. when user swipes down on the page.


  • type: TargetPath[]

All array items must be of the type: TargetPath



  • type: string


  • type: const

The value of this property must be equal to:



  "_Name": "MyMDKApp",
  "_Type": "Page",
  "Caption": "My MDK App",
  "Controls": [
      "Sections": [
          "ObjectCells": [
              "ObjectCell": {
                "AccessoryType": "disclosureIndicator",
                "DetailImage": "/MyMDKApp/Images/workorder.png",
                "DetailImageIsCircular": true,
                "OnPress": "/MyMDKApp/Actions/Navigation/NavToWorkOrderList.action",
                "StatusText": "/MyMDKApp/Rules/OData/TotalWorkOrders.js",
                "Title": "Work Orders"
              "ObjectCell": {
                "AccessoryType": "disclosureIndicator",
                "Description": "Examples using MDK Client",
                "DetailImage": "/MyMDKApp/Images/component.png",
                "OnPress": "/MyMDKApp/Actions/NavToAppModelerFeatures.action",
                "StatusText": "See More",
                "Title": "MDK Components"
          "_Name": "WorkOrdersSection",
          "_Type": "Section.Type.ObjectTable"
      "DataSubscriptions": "/MyMDKApp/Rules/OData/DataSubscriptions.js",
      "_Type": "Control.Type.SectionedTable",
      "_Name": "SectionedTable"
  "ToolBar": {
    "Controls": [
        "SystemItem": "FlexibleSpace",
        "_Type": "Control.Type.ToolbarItem",
        "_Name": "FlexibleSpaceb"
        "_Name": "LogoutToolbarItem",
        "_Type": "Control.Type.ToolbarItem",
        "Caption": "Log out",
        "OnPress": "/MyMDKApp/Actions/LogoutUser.action"

Example for Tab Control with header

json // the section type of the first SectionedTable must be Section.Type.ObjectHeader/ProfileHeader/KPIHeader { "Caption":"Tabs with ObjectHeader", "Controls":[ { "Sections":[ { "ObjectHeader":{ "BodyText":"BodyText", "Description":"Description", "DetailImageIsCircular":true, "Footnote":"Footnote", "HeadlineText":"HeadlineText", "StatusText":"High", "StatusImage":"res://n_icon.png", "Subhead":"Subhead", "SubstatusImage":"res://test_png.png", "SubstatusText":"Error", "Tags":"Tags" }, "_Type":"Section.Type.ObjectHeader" } ], "_Name":"ObjectHeaderSection", "_Type":"Control.Type.SectionedTable" }, { "Items":[ { "_Name":"ActionsTab", "Caption":"Actions", "Image":"font://", "OnPress":"/MyMDKApp/Actions/Messages/Message.action", "PageToOpen":"/MyMDKApp/Pages/Examples/", "_Type":"Control.Type.TabItem" }, { "_Name":"ControlsTab", "Caption":"/MyMDKApp/Rules/ControlsCaption.js", "Image":"res://map_icon", "ResetIfPressedWhenActive":"/MyMDKApp/Rules/AlwaysTrue.js", "OnPress":"/MyMDKApp/Rules/TabControl/TabControlRule.js", "PageToOpen":"/MyMDKApp/Pages/Examples/", "_Type":"Control.Type.TabItem" }, { "_Name":"OData", "Caption":"OData", "ResetIfPressedWhenActive":"/MyMDKApp/Rules/AlwaysTrue.js", "PageToOpen":"/MyMDKApp/Pages/Examples/", "_Type":"Control.Type.TabItem" } ], "Position":"/MyMDKApp/Rules/AlwaysTop.js", "_Type":"Control.Type.Tabs", "_Name":"TabsControl" } ], "_Type":"Page", "_Name":"TabsWithObjectHeader" }json