SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer is the rich client for professional analysis application designers (typically working in IT departments) to create corporate analysis applications and reports.

Core Capabilities of Lumira Designer

Figure 1: Core Capabilities of Lumira Designer

Lumira Designer provides the same UI elements (components) as Lumira Discovery and more. For the extensive list of UI components offered, Lumira Designer provides a set of specific events that the application user can execute on each component. Using the script editor, you can specify which actions should take place when the application user triggers the event. The script API provides access at runtime to the application itself, as well as to its components and data sources.

UI components also offer various properties to configure the look and feel, and behavior of the UI elements. At application runtime, you can enable modification of properties by executing event scripts, as almost all component properties are accessible through the script API.

By using these event scripts, properties, and corporate CSS style sheets, the application designer has control of the look and feel of the application. You can also control how the user interacts with the application.

With composites, Lumira Designer enables the creation of shared UI elements (such as headers, footers, toolbars), and the breaking down of complex applications into smaller, more manageable parts. This breaking down of complex applications enables the cost-effective management of large corporate BI deployments.

The Component SDK of Lumira Designer lets you enhance the palette of standard components with third-party components.

Furthermore, Lumira Designer offers you a set of standard (blank and predefined) and ready-to-run templates that serve various design and business needs. You can also create user-defined templates and make them available for other application designers.

In addition to applications and dashboards for data analysis, you can also create desktop browser applications for planning business data. These planning applications support both manual and automated data entry, and changes to data.

For more information on creating analysis applications and Lumira documents with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer, see the Application Designer Guide: Designing Analysis Applications at

For more information on developing third-party components to be used with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer, see the Developer Guide: Component SDK at

Extended Discovery Stories in Lumira Designer

In Lumira Designer, you can open and enhance a Lumira Discovery storyboard with blended data, in order to professionalize it into an enterprise dashboard. Business users who create their necessary insights can thus have these promoted towards an enterprise dashboard easily and quickly.

Samples of Analysis Applications and Dashboards

With Lumira Designer it is possible to create a wide range of different analysis applications, planning applications and dashboards that are saved as Lumira documents on the BI platform. Business users access them from the BI launchpad in desktop browsers or on mobile devices.

Figure 2: Samples of Analysis Applications and Dashboards

For more information on working with analysis applications and Lumira documents created with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer, see the End User Guide: SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Designer at