SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Discovery

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Discovery is used by key business users who need flexibility to connect to data (usually multiple data sources), shape that data, and create ad-hoc stories with visualizations from all types of data, which others can leverage, build upon, and share.

Core capabilities of Lumira Discovery

Connect to Data

With Lumira Discovery installed, you’re ready to connect to data. There are all sorts of data sources available on the Data source tab. For example, your data might be stored on your computer in a spreadsheet or a text file, or on a server in your enterprise applications.

Manipulate Data

Once you have connected to a data source, you need to adjust the data to meet your needs. Sometimes adjusting means transforming the data – such as cleansing, enriching, enhancing, mashing, and so on. There are many optional configurations that you can make before you begin your analysis. The configurations that you make here create the dataset that Lumira Discovery uses to interpret and interact with your data.

Discover Data Insights

Use visualization to create stories that provide graphical narration to describe data. A story can have a single visualization or pages full of visualizations. The visualizations in a report each represent a nugget of information. And the visualizations aren't static; you can add and remove data, change visualization types, and apply filters and controls to discover insights and look for answers.

Share and Collaborate

With formatting and stories you can make your data discoveries clearer, more persuasive, and beautiful. You can group charts on a story page to create a presentation-style dashboard, for example, and then add images and text annotations. When you have a Lumira Discovery document that’s complete, you can share it with others on SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for BI Platform.

There are several ways to share your work in Lumira Discovery. You can publish to SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for BI Platform, view and interact with documents in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, and much more.

Samples of Lumira Discovery

Providing sample documents is an indirect method of providing a better explanation of the concept. With Lumira Discovery, you can create a wide range of visualizations and stories that are saved as Lumira documents on the BI platform. Business users access them from the BI launchpad in desktop browsers or on mobile devices.

For more information on SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Discovery, see End User Guide: SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Discovery at