Defining MTA Deployment Descriptors for Cloud Foundry

The Multitarget Application (MTA) deployment descriptor is a YAML file that defines the relations between you as a provider of а deployable artefact and the SAP Cloud Platform as a deployer tool.

Using the YAML data serialization language you describe the MTA in an MTA deployment descriptor (mtad.yaml) file containing the following elements:

  • Global elements - an identifier and version that uniquely identify the MTA, including additional optional information such as a description, the providing organization, and a copyright notice for the author.
  • Modules - they contain the properties of module types, which represent Cloud Foundry applications or content that form the MTA and are deployed. For more information, see Modules.
  • Resources - they contain properties of resource types, which are entities not part of an MTA, but required by the modules at runtime or at deployment time. For more information, see Resources.
  • Dependencies between modules and resources.
  • Properties - these result in the application environment variables that have to be available to the respective module at run time. For more information, see Properties.
  • Technical configuration parameters, such as URLs, and application configuration parameters such as environment variables For more information, see Parameters and Placeholders.
  • Metadata - provide additional information about the declared parameters and properties. For more information, see Metadata for Properties and Parameters.

See the following examples of a basic MTA deployment descriptor that is defined in an mtad.yaml file: