Multitarget Applications for the Cloud Foundry Environment

A Multitarget Application (MTA) is a package comprised of multiple application and resource modules, which have been created using different technologies and deployed to different runtimes, but have a common lifecycle. You bundle the modules together, describe them along with their interdependencies to other modules, services, and interfaces, and package them in an MTA.

Complex business applications are composed of multiple parts developed with focus on micro-service design principles, API-management, usage of the OData protocol, increased usage of application modules developed with different languages, IDEs, and build methodologies. Thus, development, deployment, and configuration of separate elements introduce a variety of lifecycle and orchestration challenges. To address these challenges, SAP introduces the Multitarget Application (MTA) concept. It addresses the complexity of continuous deployment by employing a formal target-independent application model.

An MTA comprises of multiple modules created with different technologies, deployed to different target runtimes, but having a common lifecycle. Initially, developers describe the modules of the application, the interdependencies to other modules and services, and required and exposed interfaces. Afterward, the SAP Cloud Platform validates, orchestrates, and automates the deployment of the MTA.

For more information about the Multitarget Application model, see the official The Multitarget Application ModelInformation published on SAP site specification.

You can create and deploy a Multitarget Application for the Cloud Foundry environment as described below:

Prerequisites and Restrictions

You have to consider the following limits for the MTA artifacts, which can be handled by the Cloud Foundry deploy service:
  • Maximum size of the MTA archive: 4 GB
  • Maximum size of MTA module content: 4 GB
  • Maximum size of MTA resource content: 1 GB
  • Maximum size of MTA descriptors (mtad.yaml and MANIFEST.MF): 1 MB