Validation of VMR Provisioning

When S4 creates a channel to emit events to the Solace PubSub + VMR end-point, a handshake API is called to ensure that the particular VMR is provisioned via AEM.



  1. Go to your SAP BTP cockpit global account and subaccount.

    If you aren't sure how to navigate in the BTP cockpit, refer to Navigate in the Cockpit.

  2. Choose Instances and Subscriptions.
  3. Click on Create.
  4. Under Service, choose the service name as SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh and plan as aem-validation-service.
  5. Provide an Instance name and click on Create.
  6. Create Service Binding.
    1. The instance created will be listed under Instances tab. Click on the menu and choose Create Service Binding.
    2. Provide a Binding name and click on Create. The service binding is created.
    3. Click on the link service binding under credentials.
    4. Under the tab JSON, the handshake API end-point which should be configured at the S4 side will be present in the URI field. To configure this API at the S4 end, refer to Integrating with SAP Event Mesh Advanced Plan


The events coming from S4 reaches their AEM end-point.