API Index

1.Add Users to Group

2.Export Advance Payments Asynchronously

3.Import Advance Payment ID Asynchronously

4.Export Advance Payments

5.Import Advance Payment Remittance

6.Export Asset Requisition Asynchronously

7.Import Asset Details Asynchronously

8.Download RFx Awards

9.Export Cancel Advance Payments Asynchronously

10.Import Cancel Advance Payment Status Asynchronously

11.Export Cancel Advance Payments

12.Import Company Codes

13.Import Contract Line Items Document

14.Import CLID using XML

15.Download Contract Header Fields

16.Import Procurement Contract Request

17.Download Contract Terms

18.Import Procurement Contract Workspace

19.Import Cost Centers

20.Remove Organizations

21.Remove Users

22.Download Workspace Documents

23.Download Document IDs

24.Import Document



27.Import Sourcing Event

28.Import Service Orders from External System

29.Import Receipts from an External Application

30.Import Receipts from an External Application Asynchronously

31.Export Service Requisition Status to External Systems

32.Fetch Purchase Order Details

33.Import Form Document

34.Import General Ledgers

35.Hybrid Contract Status Sync

36.Hybrid Contract Workspace Status Sync

37.Import Service Sheets from External System

38.Import Internal Contract Workspace

39.Export Invoice Reconciliation Documents to External System to Add Funds Management Accounting Information

40.Invoice Reconciliation Status from external system

41.Import Invoice Status Update Notifications

42.Import Knowledge Project

43.Import ERP Order line items Close/Reopen status

44.Import Lookup Table Document

45.Import Material Document Create Confirmation

46.Export receipts to SAP S/4HANA

47.Export Organizations

48.Import Organizations

49.Export Payment Requests Asynchronously

50.Import Payment Requests Status Asynchronously

51.Export Payment Requests

52.Export Payment Requests with Advance Payments

53.Process Contract Request Externally

54.Process Invoice Reconciliation document Externally

55.Process Invoice Externally

56.Process Requisition Externally

57.Export Purchase Orders Asynchronously

58.Import Purchase Order Status Asynchronously

59.Export Cancel Purchase Orders Asynchronously

60.Import Cancel Purchase Order Status Asynchronously

61.Export Cancel Purchase Order

62.Export Change Purchase Orders Asynchronously

63.Import Change Purchase Orders Status Asynchronously

64.Export Change Purchase Orders

65.Export Purchase Order Close Status

66.Import Purchase Order ERP Header Status Asynchronously

67.Import Purchase Order Header Status

68.SAP S/4HANA Order/Receipt/Invoice Info

69.Export Purchase Orders

70.Export purchase orders to SAP S/4HANA

71.Import Purchase Order Document References

72.Import Purchase Organizations

73.Import purchase requisition status updates from SAP S/4HANA for central procurement

74.Import Purchase Requisition Documents

75.Import Purchase Requisition Status Notification Messages

76.Export RFx Awards

77.Download RFx Awards with Filters

78.Export Receipts Asynchronously

79.Import Receipt Status Asynchronously

80.Export Receipts

81.Import Remittance

82.Import Remittances Asynchronously

83.Remove User from Group

84.Export Requisitions for User-Initiated External Budget Check

85.Export Requisitions to Get the Accounting Information for Funds Management

86.Import Requisition(s)

87.Export Submitted Requisitions for External Budget Check

88.Export Requisitions to External System to Revert Funds


90.Export Reservation Request Asynchronously

91.Import Reservation Status Asynchronously

92.Export Reservation Deletion Request Asynchronously

93.Import Reservation Deletion Status Asynchronously


95.Import Sales Contract Request

96.Import Sales Contract Workspace

97.Export Service Sheet Asynchronously

98.Import Service Sheet Response Asynchronously

99.Import Service Sheet Approval Status

100.Export Service Sheets to External System

101.Export Service Sheet Status Asynchronously

102.Import Service Sheet Status Response Asynchronously

103.Export Service Sheet Status

104.Import Sourcing Project

105.Export Simplified Supplier Profiles

106.Export Supplier User Profiles

107.Export invoice reconciliation documents to SAP S/4HANA

108.Export Supplier Profiles

109.Import Supplier Profiles

110.Import Suppliers

111.Export Awards data to S4HANA

112.Tax API


114.Import Users

115.Catalog Item Search

116.Export Contract Terms

117.External Contract Information

118.Export WorkspaceId

119.Export Payment Requests with Receipts Asynchronously

120.Import Status of Payment Requests with Receipts Asynchronously

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144.Export Payment Requests with Advance Payments and Taxes.html