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More Quick Actions on the Latest Home Page

We've added more quick actions to the latest home page.

Quick actions are visible based on role-based permission and system configuration. If configured in the system and relevant to a person's role, the following quick actions are now available:
  • My Team quick action enables managers to review information about their team of direct reports and take necessary action.
  • Clock Time quick action enables you to clock in and clock out.
  • Complete Payroll Tasks quick action takes you to your payroll tasks. It enables you to view the list of employee events and the corresponding infotypes that should be updated or maintained for payroll requirements. You can view task details and set the status of the payroll tasks.
  • Delegate Workflows quick action enables you to assign a delegatee to process your workflows during a specified period.
  • My Profile quick action takes you to your People Profile.
  • Org Chart quick action takes you to the company organization chart.
  • View Admin Alerts quick action takes you to Admin Alerts.
  • View Team Absences quick action takes you to the absence calendar for your team.
We also increased the maximum number of quick actions that are visible on your home page from 8 to 16.

We added these features to replace similar functionality on the legacy home page.

Configuration Requirements

  • The latest home page is enabled.
  • Clock Time requires Time Tracking
  • View Team Absences requires the Time Off feature in Employee Central
  • Complete Payroll Tasks requires Employee Central Payroll
  • My Profile, Org Chart, View Admin Alerts, and Delegate Workflows are part of SAP SuccessFactors platform and are available to all customers.

What's Changed

In the current version, people with relevant role-based permission can see more quick actions on the latest home page. In this example, you can see the My Team, Clock Time, Delegate Workflows, My Profile, Org Chart, and Complete Payroll Tasks quick actions.

A screenshot of 16 quick actions shown on the latest home page, including see My Team, Clock Time, Delegate Workflows, My Profile, Org Chart, and Complete Payroll Tasks.
How It Looks Now

In the previous version, these quick actions weren't available.

Technical Details

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Admin Opt-in


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  • Employee Central
  • Employee Central Payroll
  • Learning
  • Platform
  • Time Tracking


  • Clock In Clock Out
  • Home Page
  • Mobile Applications
  • Organization Chart
  • People Profile
  • Time Off

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2H 2021

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