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Enhancements to Employee Central Payroll Framework to Work Flexibly with Multiple Replication Configurations

It is now possible to combine multiple point-to-point configurations ( Configuration IDs from view T77SFEC_PTP_COCL ) into a single replication job while retaining the flexibility of the individual configurations.

Let's take an example: You had a phased go-live for two countries/regions Germany and USA. Therefore, you created the configurations PTP_DE and PTP_US separately in the view T77SFEC_PTP_COCL. With this new feature, you can choose to virtually combine both configurations and achieve better flexibility by scheduling a single replication Job.

We built this feature to resolve the following problems:

  • Sometimes, customers need to configure multiple Config IDs, for example, for different countries/regions or legal entities. Previously, it was only possible to handle the replication of each Config ID separately.

  • As a result, there were some disadvantages for Employee data, which had common properties to multiple Config IDs. Primarily, it was necessary to schedule separate jobs for each Config. ID and the Data Replication Monitor showed separate confirmation messages for the same employee coming from different Config IDs. The new feature provides an option to combine configurations and avoid these problems.

Configuration Requirements

For Employee Central Payroll, Support Package EA-HR SPA6 must be installed in your system.

Please note that, while the Employee Central side of this feature is available, you can't use the feature as a whole until the production release. Note also that the full documentation won't be available until then either.

What's Changed

The Combined Configurations field on the UI for View T77SFEC_PTP_COCL is shown.
The Combined Configurations field on UI for transaction HRSFEC_PTP_EE_REPL is shown.
How It Looks Now

The Employee Central Payroll configuration screens now include the possibility to combine configurations. The underlying framework has been enhanced to support this new feature.

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