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Framework for Integration of Onboarding Compliance Form Data

We have created a new integration framework to replicate data captured in the Onboarding Compliance forms into the Employee Central Payroll infotypes. The United Kingdom Starter Checklist form on SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding is now integrated with Employee Central Payroll infotypes Tax Data (0065) and Court Orders (0070).

A new standard integration framework is delivered in the Employee Central Payroll system. It enables the mapping of Onboarding Compliance form fields to infotype fields and provides a replication service that can be scheduled to bring Compliance data of active employees automatically into Employee Central Payroll infotypes.
We built this feature to resolve the following problems:
  • As part of the Onboarding process, the collection of Compliance data is often mandatory, including some payroll relevant data. However, it doesn’t get updated to Employee Central Payroll master data automatically.

  • As a result of this gap, manual activities are required, and the same data is entered twice, once in the Onboarding Compliance forms and once in the Employee Central Payroll mashups.

Configuration Requirements

Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SP99 must be installed in your Employee Central Payroll system.

Please note that, while the Employee Central side of this feature is available, you can't use the feature as a whole until production release. Note also that the full documentation won't be available until then either.

What's Changed

Starter Checklist in Employee Central
How It Looks Now
Infotypes the Tax Data GB (0065) and Court Orders GB (0070) in Employee Central Payroll
How It Looks Now

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