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Supplemental Tasks on the Latest Home Page

You can now create supplemental tasks for the latest home page. You can also import supplemental tasks you created for the legacy home page.

Supplemental tasks are custom tasks, created by administrators to "supplement" the system-generated tasks in a given business process. Each supplemental task is assigned to a "category" that corresponds with one type of system-generated task. For example, you can create a supplemental task in the Review Your Performance category and it's appears in the same "stack" as system-generated Review Your Performance tasks. If no system-generated tasks are available on the latest home page for a given category, then the supplemental task appears by itself on the home page.
  • Business Approvals

  • Compensation Planning

  • Equipment for New Hire

  • External Integration with Intelligent Services

  • Headcount Planning

  • Job Offer

  • Job Profile Changes

  • Job Requisition

  • Provide Interview Feedback

  • Review Employee Performance

  • Review Your Performance

  • Set Goals

  • Take Action

  • Talent Pool Nominee

We added this feature to help customers who use supplemental tasks to adopt the latest home page.

Configuration Requirements

The latest home page is enabled.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step Manage System Properties Next navigation step Manage the Latest Home PageEnd of the navigation path permission.

What's Changed

In the current version, you can go to Start of the navigation pathManage Home Page Next navigation step Supplemental TasksEnd of the navigation path and create a supplemental task. You can assign it to a to-do category, select a due date, write task details with more information, specify the permission roles or groups who can see it, and configure the number of days before and after it's due that the task appears on the home page.

Manage Supplemental Tasks screen with the dialog for creating a task open. You can configure the category, due date, task details text, target group, and active period.
How It Looks Now

In the previous version, supplemental tasks weren't available for the latest home page.

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