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Manage Conditional Groups and Defaults

You can now autofill employee data and position attribute values based on organizational and employment grouping criteria. With this feature, you can configure complex selection criteria (conditions) without any code in business rules to achieve conditional defaults.

This feature is especially relevant for data fields such as Pay Group (also known as Payroll Area), compensation-related elements such as Pay Scale Area and Type, and complex country/region-specific contractual elements such as Contract Type, Probation Periods, Notice Periods, Time Profile parameters, and so on. These are derived from organizational and employee classification grouping that could consist of Legal Entity, Location, Employee Class, and Employment Type (also known as Personnel area/subarea, Employee group/subgroup).

You can set defaults for fields of type MDF, Foundation, and Picklist. Fields from these entities (base objects) are supported: Position, Job Information, Compensation Information, and Employment Details.

By autofilling default values, you can reduce the overhead of manual data entries resulting in consistent and accurate data.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step Manage Conditional Groups and DefaultsEnd of the navigation pathpermission. You also have the Visibility and Actions permissions for these items:
  • Condition Field

  • Default Field

  • Default Group

  • Employee Group

  • Employee Group Item

  • Employer Group

  • Employer Group Item

What's Changed

In the current version, you can define selection grouping criteria and assign default values to group items, eliminating the necessity of representing logical conditions in business rules. However, you still need to create generic business rules to trigger rule functions that read the configuration and employee data, and assign default values to configured fields.

In the previous version, default values had to be entered manually.

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