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Enhancements to Proxy Management

We've enhanced the options in Proxy Management so that the access as proxy can be separated for Employee Central and Payroll Data.

In Proxy Management, the new proxy rights specify if, and to what extent, a user is allowed to act as a proxy for someone else:
  • Payroll: to perform the tasks of a payroll administrator

  • Private Data for Proxy Account Holder: to access private payroll data of the substituted user.
Each of these rights is required for different scenarios. The links in the Related Information section contain more information about which permission is used for which scenario.

Previously, Proxy rights for payroll were included in Employee Central V2 + Employee Profile. In case of User B acts as proxy for user A, there was no distinction between proxy rights to payroll-relevant and non-payroll relevant data, when the flags Employee Central V2 + Employee Profile and Private Data for Proxy Account Holder were set.

With the new two flags Payroll and Private Data for Proxy Account Holder, you can now set the proxy rights in such a way that users can't access payroll data on behalf of other users when the proxy rights Employee Central V2 + Employee Profile have been granted.

What's Changed

Here's a screenshot of where you can find the relevant proxy permissions.
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