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Learning Approvals Enhancements on the Latest Home Page

SAP SuccessFactors Learning now allows approvers to view and act on Learning-related approval requests directly from the latest home page.

The following types of approval requests are now supported in the latest home page:

Category Approval Requests
Internal Course Internal Course: The user wants to start a course.
Internal Class
  • Registration Approval: The user wants an approval to go to a class.
  • Withdraw Approval: The user wants approval to withdraw from a class.
External Course
  • External Course Learning Request: The user wants approval to go to a course outside the company and submits a request form.
  • External Course Verification: The user submits details that they attended a course and received the proper certification.
Completion Verification
  • Internal Course: The user adds a record to learning history for an internal course.
  • External Course: The user completes a course or adds a record to learning history for external course.
E-signature Request
  • E-signature Approval for an Internal Course: The user completes an online course with e-signature or records learning with e-signature and that e-signature requires approval.
  • E-signature Approval for an External Course: The user completes and records external learning with e-signature and that e-signature requires approval.
User Account Request User Account Request: The user is creating an account on sites and needs an approval from a site admin.
The Learning Approvals feature has the following limitations on home page:
  • If there are any changes after the approval is triggered, those changes may not be reflected on the home page card.
  • If multiple approvers act on the approval at the same time, then one of the approvers will receive an error message.
  • If the workflow is removed for the approver, the approval card may be still displayed on the home page and removed from Learning.
  • If users are merged from both the approver and the user who requested it, then the changes will not be reflected. Most approvals will be displayed for 6 months with the exceptions of registration cut-off and class start date.
  • External learning courses aren’t displayed after the course start date.
  • Approval data is removed after 6 months irrespective of action from the approver.
  • Approval requests older than 6 months won’t display on the home page.
  • If the username is not available, it will display as blank.

Configuration Requirements

Use the Upgrade Center to migrate Learning Assignment tasks from SAP SuccessFactors Learning to the latest home page and Learning to-dos.

What's Changed

A screenshot of the Learning Approvals cards displayed on the latest homepage.
How It Looks Now

Before 2H 2021, the only approvals displayed in home page were course-related approvals.

Now the latest home page will display all types of approvals.

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