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More Jobs in Scheduled Job Manager

You can now monitor the progress and check results of many more jobs in the Scheduled Job Manager tool. These jobs will continue to be available in the legacy Monitor Jobs tool as well.

Response files are available in View Details. Here are the jobs that are now available in Scheduled Job Manager.
Job Type Module
JDM Old to New Sync Job Profile Builder
Feedback Migration to JPB Job Job Profile Builder
BizXDailyRulesProcessingBatch Employee Central
Business Configuration Audit Job Employee Central
MDF Data Import Platform
MDF Data Export Platform
MDF Data Import (FTP) Platform
Recruiting Daily Rules Processing Batch Job Recruiting

The Scheduled Job Manager tool allows you to monitor scheduled jobs of specific types using filters.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator  Next navigation step Admin Center Permissions Next navigation step Monitor Scheduled JobsEnd of the navigation path permission.

What's Changed

Here is a screenshot of the JDM Old to New Sync job in the Scheduled Job Manager
How It Looks Now
Here is a screenshot of the Monitor Jobs tool.
How It Looked Before

Technical Details

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  • Platform
  • Employee Central
  • Recruiting


  • Platform
  • Employee Central
  • Recruiting


  • Job Profile Builder
  • Business Configuration
  • Data Import and Export
  • Metadata Framework
  • Candidate Profile

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