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To-Do Tasks for Managers and Participants in Onboarding/Offboarding Processes Available on the Latest Home Page

In the For You Today section on the latest home page, managers and other participants (e.g. HR) in onboarding or offboarding processes can take actions regarding their to-do tasks. Within that section there are three types of cards: Data Review, Compliance, and Manager Activities. By default, only to-do tasks that are created or modified in the past 90 days are being migrated to the latest home page. Older to-do tasks are accessible in the To-Do List side panel.

Card Title Task Name
Data Review Review New Hire Data
Review Offboarding Data
Complete Rehire Verification
Compliance Complete Form I-9
Complete Form I-9 Signature
Manager Activities (onboarding process) Set Goals for New Hires
Recommend Links for New Hires
Write Welcome Message
Assign a Buddy
Schedule Onboarding Meetings
Recommend People for New Hires
Prepare for New Hire's Day 1
Update New Hire's Day 1 Locations
Request Equipment for New Hires
E-Sign Employee Documents
Manager Activities (offboarding process) Announce Termination to Coworkers
Write Farewell Message
Create Knowledge Transfer Plan
Complete Knowledge Transfer
List Assets to Return
Schedule Offboarding Meetings
Track Return of Assets
E-Sign Employee Documents
Three types of Onboarding cards displayed in the For You Today section on the latest home page.

Managers and participants in onboarding and offboarding processes can get timely notification of their most urgent tasks and perform important tasks on the home page.

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