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SAP Fiori Standards Applied to Page Header

We've updated the global page header so that it's consistent with the latest SAP Fiori design standards.

The SAP Fiori 3 header is now opt-out, rather than opt-in, and is enabled by default. Changes in the page header include:
  • A change in background color for tabs on some pages. Check your custom themes and adjust the text color of tab titles as needed, based on the new background color.

  • Centered logos are now left-aligned. In accordance with SAP Fiori guidelines, we're phasing out the option to center logos in the header. Please use a left- or right-aligned logo instead.

  • The (Go to Home) icon is removed. Click the logo instead to return to the home page.

  • The height of the page header shortened slightly (by 9 pixels) so you may want to adjust the size of the header background image in your custom themes accordingly.
  • Other minor visual changes with no functional impact.
For now, you can temporarily disable the SAP Fiori 3 header on the Company System and Logo Settings page while you adapt to these changes, but we plan to enable it universally in a future release.

Customers expect a consistent user experience across SAP applications. This change makes the SAP SuccessFactors header consistent with SAP standards.

Configuration Requirements

This change primarily impacts customers who use custom themes, particularly themes with a center-aligned logo.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

To temporarily disable the change, you have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step Manage System Properties Next navigation step Company System and Logo SettingsEnd of the navigation path permission.

What's Changed

In the current version, the SAP Fiori 3 header is enabled by default. In this example, you can see what the global page header looks like when it's enabled.
How It Looks Now
In the previous version, the SAP Fiori 3 header wasn't enabled by default. In this example, you can see what the global page header looked like before it was enabled, using a centered logo.
How It Looked Before

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