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More Applications Enabling Additional Fields for Admin Alerts

You can now add custom fields for more alert objects to display additional information about alerts.

You can add custom fields to the enabled alert object under Configure Object Definition. The added fields appear in the Settings option of the alerts table on the Admin Alerts page, from where they can be added as additional columns. The following alert objects have been enabled this release:
Application Area on Admin Alert Page Admin Alert Type Object Code on Configure Object Definition Page
HR Data Issues Invalid Dynamic Role Users InvalidDynamicRoleUserAdminAlert
Job Information Issues JobInfoAdminAlert
Domain Event Failed Domain Events DomainEventGroupingAlert
Time Management Termination End Handling Alert TimeManagementTerminationEndHandlingAlert
Time Collector TimeCollectorAlert
Periodic Time Account Update PeriodicTimeAccountUpdateAlert
Workflow Stalled Workflows - Employee Related RBPSecuredStalledWorkflowAdminAlert
Stalled Workflows - Non-Employee Related NonRBPSecuredStalledWorkflowAdminAlert
Invalid Approvers in Employee-Related Workflows RBPSecuredInvalidApproverWorkflowAdminAlert
Invalid Approvers in Non-Employee-Related Workflows NonRBPSecuredInvalidApproverWorkflowAdminAlert

This enhancement or new feature is from a Customer Community Idea.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the following Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step Metadata FrameworkEnd of the navigation path permissions:
  • Configure Object Definitions

  • Manage Data
  • Configure Business Rules

What's Changed

The information popup displays "Extensible: Yes, by using MDF Object JobInfoAdminAlert".
How It Looks Now

In the current version, more objects have been enabled to allow for additional custom fields. The Information popup displays the name of the underlying alert object under the Extensible section.

In the previous version, you could add additional fields only to the following Time Management objects:

Application Area on Admin Alert Page Admin Alert Type Object Code on Configure Object Definition Page
Time Management
  • Generate Time Sheets

  • Import Time Sheets

  • Recalculate Absences

  • Recalculate Accruals

  • Recalculate Time Sheets

  • Recalculate Transfer Dates

Time Data Collision TimeDataCollisionAlert
Time Valuation TimeValuationAlert

Technical Details

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  • Alerts
  • Job Information
  • Time Off
  • Time Sheet
  • Workflows

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