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Generate PGP Keys for Scheduled Jobs in Security Center

As a company administrator, you can now generate PGP keys used in scheduled jobs by using Security Center.

You can export or remove the newly generated keys and the PGP keys previously generated through Provisioning in Security Center.

We built this feature so that you can generate and manage PGP key used in scheduled jobs without contacting SAP Cloud Support.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator  Next navigation step Manage Security Center Next navigation step Access to Other KeysEnd of the navigation path permission.

Configuration Requirements

This feature is enabled in phases. If you go to Start of the navigation pathAdmin Center Next navigation step Security Center Next navigation step Other KeysEnd of the navigation path, and can see the Scheduled Job Key checkbox when creating or editing a decryption key (PGP), then the feature is enabled in your instance. Meanwhile, the PGP keys generation, test, and export features in Provisioning have been disabled.

What's Changed

In the current version, you can generate and export PGP keys used in scheduled jobs in Start of the navigation pathAdmin Center Next navigation step Security CenterEnd of the navigation path.

In the previous version, PGP keys used in scheduled jobs could only be generated and managed in Provisioning with the help of SAP Cloud Support.

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