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End of Development for Integrated External User Feature

The integrated external user feature reached End of Development in November, 2020. New implementations of the integrated external user feature aren’t supported and should no longer be pursued by SAP SuccessFactors Learning customers and partners.

Key Dates

Future dates are subject to change.

Milestone Date Definition
End of Development November 19, 2020 The deprecation milestone after which SAP stops enhancing a product or part of a product. You can continue to use the software, but you should begin planning for a time when it will no longer be available for use. We still fix high-priority bugs.
End of Maintenance May 20, 2022 The deprecation milestone after which SAP does not fix bugs or deliver patches for the software. SAP continues to answer your how-to questions. We strongly encourage you to adopt an alternative method for your business scenario.
Deleted May 20, 2022 The deprecation milestone when a feature is no longer available for productive use. You should now be using an alternative method for your business scenario.

Deprecation Details

The Integrated External User feature was introduced to enable creation of an external user in SAP SuccessFactors Platform when a user self-registers on a Learning site. These integrated external users can optionally be created as an external user in Jam and have access to mobile as well.

Customers that are already using the integrated external learner solution can continue to use the solution. Customers that want to start offering Learning to users that are not employees have two alternatives in place of the integrated external user feature:

  1. SAP SucessFactors Learning customers can create these users as internal users in SAP SuccessFactors Platform and use Platform authentication. This is recommended for users with a worker relationship, such as contingent workers. As internal users in SAP SuccessFactors Platform, mobile, theming and Jam integration is available.

  2. SAP SucessFactors Learning customers can create these users as Learning only users in Learning and not in SAP SuccessFactors Platform. This is recommended for non-workers such as customers, distributors or partners. The Learning only solution for external users doesn’t currently support mobile, theming or Jam integration. Note that authentication for Learning only external users is currently native to Learning, but will be migrating to SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service.

The replacement solution for a worker population is available using the first alternative above. For non-workers the replacement solution isn’t yet available as of 1H 2021, but will build on the second above alternative. Once a replacement solution is available, End of Maintenance and Replacement Date information for integrated external user feature will be made available.

Note on API Deprecation

On May 20th, 2022 the following APIs used in external user integration will be deprecated:
  • ExternalLearner
  • ExternalLearnerAddressInfo
  • ExternalLearnerEmailInfo
  • ExternalLearnerPersonalInfo
  • ExternalLearnerPhoneInfo
You can migrate to the following Learning Management APIs to get the relevant external learner information:
  • user-service

Additional Resources

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See the innovation alert on the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community. Learning PageInformation published on SAP site

For more information on the pending API deprecation, see End of Development for External Learner APIs

For information on the user-service API see:

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