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Center of Capabilities

Center of Capabilities is a new framework that provides a centralized repository known as Capabilities Library to capture the capabilities of people in an organization.

Capabilities include competencies, work styles, work values, and other organization-defined attributes that enable people to achieve desired outcomes. In this release, the supported capability type is competency.

You can perform the following tasks by using Center of Capabilities:

  • Create and manage competencies and the associated behaviors based on organization-specific requirements.

  • Create a library structure to organize competencies under different libraries, categories, and groups.

With Center of Capabilities, we plan to change the way capabilities are captured on both people and experiences across SAP SuccessFactors products. This initiative aims to shift the approach towards work as being more people focused than job focused. To meet this objective, we plan to make Center of Capabilities the preferred framework to support the following features in future releases:
  • Provide users the ability to create a portfolio of their capabilities.

  • Support additional capability types, such as skills and certifications.

  • Introduce a proficiency rating scale for users to rate their skills.

  • Allow SAP SuccessFactors products to consume capabilities from the centrally maintained Capabilities Library.

Configuration Requirements

Center of Capabilities is based on Job Profile Builder and is automatically enabled if you've enabled Job Profile Builder.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdmin Center Next navigation step Administrator Permissions Next navigation step Manage Center of CapabilitiesEnd of the navigation path permission. Choose Select All if you want to give access to all items from the list and Others to select specific items for that role.

What's Changed

In the current version:
  • You can create competencies in Center of Capabilities and not in Job Profile Builder.

  • The unique identifiers for competencies are displayed in the External Code field in Center of Capabilities.

In the previous version:
  • You created competencies in Job Profile Builder.

  • The unique identifiers or GUIDs for competencies were displayed in the GUID field in Job Profile Builder.

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