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Validation Available for Work Permit Data Entered on UI

By default, we now validate work permit data entered on the UI to ensure only valid records are saved in the system.

We recommend that customers enable Country, Document Type, and Document Number under Start of the navigation pathManage Business Configuration Next navigation step workPermitInfo End of the navigation path and make them mandatory. Values entered for these three fields on the Work Permit block are joined to User ID to form a business key that identifies a work permit. The new validation mechanism works to ensure no work permit with an empty or duplicate business key is saved. Customers still have the choice of disabling validation by deselecting the Enable Validations on the Work Permit Editing UI option at Start of the navigation pathAdmin Center Next navigation step Company System and Logo SettingsEnd of the navigation path.

Validation can improve customers' data quality and contribute to smoother integration processes.

What's Changed

Country, Document Type, and Document Number shown on UI are mandatory and part of a business key that uniquely identifies a work permit record.
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