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Upgrade Center Action for SAP Task Center Integration

We've combined the two upgrade center actions previously required for enabling SAP SuccessFactors integration with SAP Task Center into one upgrade center action.

If you've already enabled the integration the previous release, you don't have to change anything.

We wanted to enhance the user experience and save you the effort of activating Upgrade Center actions for each to-do category manually.

Configuration Requirements

You can use this feature only after SAP Task Center has been released. SAP Task Center has reduced scope, so it’s early adoption. The Upgrade Center action change, however, is universal. Because the Upgrade Center action only makes sense for an early adoption feature, we marked this change as early adoption.

For more information about prerequisites to use SAP Task Center, refer to published on SAP site.

SAP Task Center has reduced scope:
  • You can't use global assignments or concurrent employments in Employee Central with SAP Task Center integration.

  • On SAP SuccessFactors side, you can only integrate to-do tasks from Job Profile Builder and Employee Central Time Off and Time Sheet with SAP Task Center.
  • Attachments aren't supported.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the Start of the navigation pathAdministrator Next navigation step Manage User Next navigation step Read Access to SCIM User APIEnd of the navigation path and Edit Access to SCIM User API permissions.

What's Changed

In the current version, you need to enable only one Upgrade Center action for SAP Task Center integration: Enhanced To-Do Integration.

In the previous version, you had to enable two Upgrade Center actions, SAP Task Center Integration for To-Do List and Time Off and Time Sheet for SAP Task Center Integration.

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