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Ability to Manage Favorites on the Latest Home Page

As an administrator, you can now add custom links to the Favorites quick action on the latest home page. You can also import custom links that you've configured for the Quick Links tile on the legacy home page.

Custom links are optional. If you add them or import them from the legacy home page, they're included in the Available list, along with the standard links we provide by default. You can configure one or more target groups who can see each link. You can also add a localized link name and description for each language in the system.

Many customers require the ability to display different links on the home page for different target groups. That ability isn't available for Quick Links on the legacy home page.

Configuration Requirements

The latest home page is enabled.

What's Changed

In the current version, you can add custom links in Manage Home Page.

Image showing the Add Link dialog on the Manage Favorites screen of the Manage Home Page tool, with an example of a custom link.
How It Looks Now

In the previous version, this option wasn't available.

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Admin Opt-in


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1H 2021

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