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New Pay Statement Integration Option

We enabled a new pay statement integration option, that reads and displays pay statement data directly from Employee Central Payroll and is enhanced with two payroll key figures - gross and payout amount.

Employees can access their pay statements in Employee Central, where the latest pay statement is displayed with pay date, gross, and payout amount. From the overview, each pay statement is listed along with pay date and payout amount.

Based on this Pay Statement (direct) option, you can enable employees to quickly access pay statements from the Latest Home Page.

We enabled Pay Statement (direct) to ease the Pay Statement integration, as it doesn't require replication of payroll results.

Configuration Requirements

Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SP86 must be installed in your Employee Central Payroll system.

Please note that, while the Employee Central side of this feature is available, you can't use the feature as a whole until the support package mentioned is released. Note also that the full documentation won't be available until then either.

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

As an employee, you have the Start of the navigation pathEmployee Files Next navigation step Payroll InformationEnd of the navigation path permission to view the Payroll Information section in Employee Profile. In addition, you have the Start of the navigation pathPayroll Permission Next navigation step Payroll Self Service Next navigation step End of the navigation path that allows you to view your pay statement. As an HR administrator you need Start of the navigation pathPayroll Permission Next navigation step Payroll AdminEnd of the navigation path, that access pay statements on behalf of employees.

Please note, that the access to pay statements is controlled by corresponding Employee Central Payroll roles.

What's Changed

The pay statements are now displayed with pay date and payout amount on the UI.
How It Looks Now
The pay statements are displayed with pay date on the UI.
How It Looked Before

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2H 2020

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