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Audit Trail for Analytics (KPIs) Execution

We enhanced the Audit Trail feature with a new Analytics History tab that displays the execution history of analytics (KPIs).

As an auditor, you can now see the following information about analytics:
  • Analytics chart ID and descriptions

  • Time and date of execution

  • Charts with the logged data

You can sort and filter the analytics history based on analytics charts and execution date and download the analytics history in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

This feature is developed based on customer feedback. Customers have requested to be able to track, download, and analyze the changes of the KPIs over time.

Configuration Requirements

Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SP86 must be installed in your Employee Central Payroll system.

Please note that, while the Employee Central side of this feature is available, you can't use the feature as a whole until the support package mentioned is released. Note also that the full documentation won't be available until then either.

What's Changed

In the current version, execution of analytics (KPIs) and chart data are logged in Audit Trail on the Analytics History tab.

In the previous version, Audit Trail didn't include logs for execution of analytics (KPIs).

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