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Replication of Zero Working Hours for Casual Workers and Simplified Use of Dummy Work Schedules

You can now replicate planned working time for casual workers to infotype 0007. The configuration of dummy work schedules when replicating planned working time to IT 2003 has also been simplified.

You can replicate Zero Weekly Hours for casual workers who don’t have a working pattern in Employee Central. It means that an infotype 0007 can still be created in Employee Central Payroll. We've also simplified the use of dummy work schedules to replicate planned working time to infotype Substitutions (2003) (delivered in 1H2020).

There are no longer limitations when replicating zero working hours for casual workers, and fewer implementation efforts when using dummy work schedule due to this feature.

Configuration Requirements

Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SP86 must be installed in your Employee Central Payroll system.

Please note that, while the Employee Central side of this feature is available, you can't use the feature as a whole until the support package mentioned is released. Note also that the full documentation won't be available until then either.

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Admin Opt-in


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Employee Central Payroll


Employee Master Data Replication

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2H 2020

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