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Specify Start Time and End Time of Auto Delegation

We enhanced the auto delegation feature so that users can specify a period during which they want their workflows automatically delegated to others for approval.

By picking up a start time and an end time, users can now specify a period when their auto delegation remains effective. Workflows triggered during that period are automatically delegated to a chosen delegatee for approval. When that period ends, auto delegation is automatically turned off. They don't need to log into the system and turn off the feature manually, as they previously did.

The enhancement offers users more flexibility, by allowing them to set up auto delegation ahead of when they need it and by turning it off automatically when they don't need it.

Before and After

In this version, besides what they could do before, users can specify a particular period during which they want auto delegation to remain effective.
This Version
In the previous version, users didn't have any option to specify a time period for auto delegation.
Previous Version

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