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Accept or Reject Auto Delegation Requests

We enhanced the original auto delegation feature so that users can view auto delegation requests they have received and decide whether they want to accept or reject them.

Users can now respond to auto delegation requests on a new tab called "Delegation Requests for Me" after their organization enables the enhancement. On the tab, they can view requests they've received and respond to each pending one by either accepting or rejecting it. Workflows are delegated to them only when they've chosen to accept the request, and delegators are informed of the request status in email notification and on the user interface.

Users are offered a chance to decide whether they want to accept or reject delegation requests, and the delegators are immediately informed of their decisions.

Before and After

The new tab "Delegation Requests for Me" allows users to view requests and decide whether they want to accept or reject them.
This Version

Previously, we didn't have the Delegation Requests for Me tab.

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