Updating Prices


You can update the results of costing runs in various price fields of the material master. However, before you update, you should analyze the costing results, such as by comparing them with the current price in the material master.

This step is only relevant if the costing variant specifies the updating of the costing results in the material master.


  1. Marking the costing run

  2. This step applies only to updating the standard price. If you update other prices, you do not need to execute the Marking function. For more information about marking, see Allowing Marking and Displaying What Is Allowed .

  3. Releasing the costing run

This step enables you to transfer the costing results into the material master as the current standard price or other prices.

You can execute costing runs based on costing versions . Cost estimates and costing runs can be updated using all the costing versions in the material master. SAP therefore recommends the following procedure when you update the standard price (which also applies to other prices):

  • Cost more than one run with different costing versions.

  • Compare the costing results with the current standard price (or another price) in the material master before you mark and release. You use the Information System reports of Product Cost Controlling for this. ( See also Analyzing the Costing Run )

  • Mark only the run whose results you want to update in the material master.

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