Background Printing of Costing Reports


You use this function if you want to print costing reports for many materials simultaneously and the lists are very long. You can print all costing reports in the background, such as cost component reports or itemizations.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Controlling Next navigation step Product Cost Controlling Next navigation step Product Cost Planning Next navigation step Information System Next navigation step More Reports Next navigation step Print Costing Report in Background End of the navigation path .

  2. Enter a controlling area.

  3. Enter the data for the costing reports.

Note Note

Through the BOM explosion indicator, you specify how the system selects the cost estimates for background printing ( BOM explosion or Select cost estimates ).

End of the note.
  • If you select the BOM explosion indicator, enter the data for material cost estimate selection in the BOM explosion section. In this case, the system selects and prints these material cost estimates and the cost estimates of the components in the relevant BOM. You can specify the following:

    • Down to which low-level code the BOM of the materials is exploded

    • Whether materials that appear more than once in the BOM to be exploded are also printed more than once

    • Whether the system selects only materials that were costed in a material cost estimate with quantity structure

  • If you did not set the BOM explosion indicator, enter the data for material selection in the Select cost estimates section. You can select according to the following criteria:

    • Plant and material number

    • Costing variant and costing version

    • Costing date

Only these cost estimates are selected and printed. The material BOMs are not exploded. That is, the cost estimates for the components in the relevant BOMs are not selected if they were not specifically entered as a material selection.

  1. Enter the following in the Report parameters section:

  • Which report should be printed (such as Cost Components )

  • Which cost component view should be used, for example cost of goods manufactured or cost of goods sold

  • Whether raw materials should also be selected

  • Whether the costing results should be displayed in company code currency or controlling area currency

  1. Select .

  2. Enter the following data in the Background processing dialog box:

  • Job name

  • Starting date and time of the background job or Immediate start

  1. Select .

  2. The job will be started at the time specified. If you selected Immediate start , the job is started directly.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Services Next navigation step Jobs Next navigation step Job overview End of the navigation path , to display an overview of all existing background jobs and their statuses.

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