Assignment of Messages to Areas of Responsibility


The area of responsibility is the organizational unit within the company that is responsible for correcting the error.

In the standard system, the most important messages relating to costing are assigned to areas of responsibility. You can also assign further system messages to a department.

You can assign the system messages in Customizing to two further, user-defined, groups. To do this, enter a group in one or both of the Group columns. When you display the log, you can sort the messages by these groups. You can define, for example, a grouping term for errors that need to be corrected immediately. For more information, see Editing and Printing the Log .


You can assign the system messages in the log of a cost estimate with a quantity structure to various areas of responsibility. When you display the log, you can

  • Sort the messages by area of responsibility

  • Inform the employees in these areas of responsibility about the contents of the message if the Mail function in the costing variant is active ( Error management field)

For more information, see Message Logs , Message Control , and Editing and Printing the Log .

Example Example

The standard cost estimate for a material is incorrect due to errors in the BOM and routing. The Work Scheduling area of responsibility is responsible for correcting errors in the routing, while the Engineering area of responsibility is responsible for correcting errors in the BOM. You use Message Control in Customizing for Product Cost Planning to specify that a message about the errors is sent to the persons responsible in the Engineering and Work Scheduling areas of responsibility.

End of the example.

Note Note

This function is only available for costing purposes. It cannot be used for WIP calculation, results analysis, variance calculation or preliminary costing for manufacturing orders.

It can only be used for the preliminary costing of product cost collectors, sales order costing, and order BOM costing if you have changed the settings for the costing variant beforehand.

End of the note.

Some areas of responsibility are linked to organizational units so that you can send messages to the persons responsible in the groups within an area of responsibility. The following table lists the areas of responsibility in the system and the organizational units to which they are linked:


Area of Responsibility

Organizational Unit



Purchasing group



Engineering laboratory


Work scheduling

Work scheduling group


Cost center

Cost center


Cost estimate






Plant maintenance



Capacity requirements planning

Capacity planning group


Materials planning

MRP controller


System support