Function documentationElectronic Bank Statement (FI-BL)


As a central component of payment transactions in the SAP system, the Electronic Bank Statement (FI-BL) supports you in the processing of incoming payments.

Many companies use the option of obtaining bank statement data from the bank electronically. In some countries this is based on the Banking Communication Standard (BCS). Various procedures and transfer programs, for example MultiCash, are used to transfer the data from the bank to the customer.

You can import the bank statement files into the SAP system using the electronic bank statement. Numerous bank statement formats are supported for this (including SWIFT MT940, MultiCash, BAI). In the case of MT940, BAI and XML formats, you can also forward bank statements if you need to. You can manually postprocess in the system any bank statement items that could not be updated by the system direct, and then post them.

This documentation describes the functions of the electronic bank statement, such as importing, updating, displaying, and postprocessing the data. It also contains additional information about electronic bank statement objects, the interpretation of the note to payee, the bank statement overview, and enhancements for the application.


  • The electonic bank statement is part of the Cash Management process. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager.

  • As a central component of payment transactions, the electronic bank statement supports the direct creation of dispute cases. For more information, see Creating Dispute Case during Processing of Bank Statements.

  • There is a connection to the Shared Service Center for making inquiries to the Accounting Interaction Center (AIC). For more information, see SAP Library for SAP CRM under Start of the navigation path Interaction Center Next navigation step Interaction Center WebClient Next navigation step Shared Services Framework Next navigation step Integration with SAP ERP Next navigation step Accounting Interaction Center Next navigation step Launching Service Requests from Back-End Systems End of the navigation path.

  • You can also schedule the import and forwarding of bank statements using the Schedule Manager (CA).


More Information

For information about archiving data, see Archiving Electronic Bank Data (FI-BL).