You can assign object dependencies to a characteristic or a characteristic value. You can use the dependencies in classification and variant configuration to describe the relationships between characteristics and characteristic values. You can use dependencies to:

  • Exclude a characteristic or characteristic value from the value assignment process

  • Determine that a value must be assigned to a characteristic

  • Set a value for a characteristic

For more information on object dependencies, see the SAP Library, under LO Variant Configuration and CA Classification.

There are 2 options for creating dependencies:

  • Global dependencies

    You can use global dependencies several times over for different objects. If you change a global dependency, the change affects all objects to which the dependency is assigned. You cannot change the dependency locally for a specific object. To identify a global object dependency, you assign a name.

  • Local dependencies

    You create local dependencies specifically for one object, and cannot assign them to several objects. You can only change the dependency by changing this object. To identify a local dependency, the system assigns an internal number.

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