About SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira Desktop is an application you can use to visualize and create stories about data. From manipulating, editing, formatting, and refining data to creating visualizations that represent data graphically, to finally sharing the visualizations—building stories in SAP Lumira starts and ends with data.

Data enters the application as a dataset (a set of columns, hierarchies, and filters) that you use to build a document. You create a dataset by acquiring data, enhance it with measures, hierarchies, calculations, and customized columns, and then choose charts to visualize the data. You can use the visualization to create stories that provide a graphical narrative to describe data. For example, you can group charts on a story page to create a presentation-style dashboard and then add images and text annotations.

You can publish datasets and stories to other applications and platforms, including the following places:
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform
  • SAP Lumira, server for teams (previously called SAP Lumira Team Server and SAP Lumira, Edge edition)

SAP Lumira is installed locally and can use remote or local data from one or multiple data sources. The charts you build are saved automatically and can be printed or shared via email.