Executing the Payment Program

This section describes how to execute the automatic payment program. The payment program is capable of processing both outgoing and incoming payments. It can process in both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

The payment program processes domestic and foreign payments for vendors and customers. It creates payment documents and supplies data to the payment medium programs. These payment medium programs print either a payment list, payment forms (for example, checks) or create data carriers such as magnetic tape or floppy disks.

The standard system contains payment medium programs and forms for the most common payment methods. It can also create payments on disk. Note that payment forms and file formats vary from country to country and sometimes also from bank to bank. Details on the payment forms and file formats in your country can be found in the country-specific program documentation. You can design new payment forms and modify the existing ones using the tools offered by SAPScript. These tools are described in the Basis documentation.

The payment medium program stores data in the SAP print administration and (where DME is used) in the DME administration. From there, data is picked up separately per form/data carrier and output to the printer or data carrier.