Schedule Billing Output


With this app you can schedule the output of billing documents (for example, invoices for customers) and display all scheduled output jobs.

Note Note

You can only schedule the output of billing documents that are relevant for further processing, for example, those with the status scheduled.

Key Features

You can start the output of billing documents immediately or schedule the output to run in the background. You can, for example, print billing documents regularly and reduce system load and processing times by running document output at times when system usage is lower (for example, during the night).

You can view all existing billing output jobs on the initial screen.

Basic Filtering Options
  • Status: You can filter by status (aborted, finished, in process, scheduled, and ready).

Note Note

Billing output jobs that have been cancelled before their start date do not appear in the list. Billing output jobs that are cancelled after the start date and before the end date, are shown in the list with status aborted.

  • Date: You can display all existing billing output jobs for a certain date range.

More Filtering Options

You can also filter by job ID, run ID, time from, time to, description, name, or ID of the creator. You can save your filtering options as a variant and manage the saved filter variants. You can call up detailed information about the customer by clicking on the customer name link.

Billing Output Job Details

You can call up detailed information for a billing output job by clicking on the respective line. The job details vary according to the way you set up the job. If you have specified a recurrence, you can view the recurrence details here, for example each day. Single run indicates that no recurrence was chosen.

Job Application Log

You can check the job application log either from the information field for the log status in the job details, or by clicking the job log icon in the main job list. The log information includes the planned start date and time, the actual start and end date and time, the name of the user who created the job, and the job duration. Each job receives a time stamp. Additional information is displayed if, for example, the job was completed without errors. You can call up the job details directly from the job application log.

Schedule Billing Output

You can schedule the output of billing documents from the initial application job overview screen. You can define for which documents in the billing due list you want to output billing documents and when the output should start.

Scheduling Options
Basic Scheduling Options

You can choose to start the output of billing documents immediately or at a later point in time. If you want to schedule the output of billing documents for a later point in time, you can enter a start date and time manually or select them from the calendar.

Additional Scheduling Options

You can change the time zone. You can schedule a recurrence so that billing documents will be output at regular intervals, such as every minute, hour, day, week, or month. You can select an interval of several days, such as every 5 days. You can specify an end date for the scheduled output of billing documents. You can choose to run billing document output only on working days and choose if billing documents should be output on non-working days. You can choose the respective calendar to include the public holidays for your country. You can reset the chosen recurrence.

Selection Criteria

You can select which billing items should be included in the billing document output job.

  • Output Data: You can choose one or several output channels, for example email and print.

  • Billing Data: You can specify a billing document type, billing date, sales organization, distribution channel, division, sold-to party, payer, and destination country.

Once you have defined all relevant parameters, you can check if the specified data is ok and schedule the billing document output. The new output job will appear in the output job list.

Note Note

If you chose immediate output, the final status may not be visible directly (depending on the processing times). Please refresh after a few moments to see the final status of the output job. You can’t make changes to a scheduled job once it has been output. If you need to change a scheduled job, you can cancel it from the application job screen if it has not run yet.

Copying an Existing Scheduling Job

If you would like to schedule a document output job that is similar to an existing output job, you can copy an existing output job and edit the copy as required. All content including the recurrence will be copied.

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