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field: string

Field in parameter. Description of the field where the error message has occurred.


id: string

Message Class. ABAP system field. Message class after the statement MESSAGE.


logMsgNo: string

Application log: Internal message serial number. Internal message serial number in a log. (Not necessarily the chronological order.).


logNo: string

Application log: log number. Uniquely identifies a log.


message: string

Message Text. Text of the message.


messageV1: string

Message Variable. Text for message placeholders.


messageV2: string

Message Variable. Text for message placeholders.


messageV3: string

Message Variable. Text for message placeholders.


messageV4: string

Message Variable. Text for message placeholders.


number: string

Message Number. Message number.


parameter: string

Parameter Name. Name of the parameter in which the error has occurred.


row: number

Lines in parameter. Contains the number of lines in the parameter in which the error message has occurred.


system: string

Logical system from which message originates. Contains the name of the logical system in which the message was created. The system names must have been defined.In SAP terms a client corresponds to a logical system. When you define a client, you can specify which logical system corresponds to the client.The logical system is important in the following SAP areas:ALE generally, where communication takes place between two or more logical systems.ALE distribution scenarios (for example, cost center accounting) where a system running a particular application is defined. Only in this system, for example, can master data be changed,Workflow objects: The object key always contains the logical system where the object is located.When you define the logical system keep in mind that:The logical system must be unique company-wide. No other system in the ALE system group can be used.The logical system must not be changed in the productive system, once a non-initial value has been specified. If a logical system with a non- initial value is changed afterwards, you may not be able to find documents in your own system. If the logical system specified in a document reference is not the same as your own system, the system assumes the document is located in a different system.


type: string

Message type: S Success, E Error, W Warning, I Info, A Abort. This parameter has the following values: "S" for success messages"E" for error messages"W" for warnings"I" for information messagesDepending on the how a BAPI is implemented, if there is a termination message, a rollback can be executed in the database. All database changes since the last commit work command are cancelled. For further information see the documentation for the BAPI in question.



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