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Master Data Replication Based on Data Replication Framework

With this feature you can replicate master data from a source system, such as an ECC system or an S/4 HANA system, to the TM component of an S/4HANA system (target system).

Technical Details

Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Available in all countries/regions

Application Component



SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS02

Additional Details

You can transfer the following master data

  • Business Partner

  • Product

  • Location

Effects on Existing Data

If the source system is an ECC system you need to activate Customer/Vendor Integration (CVI) to create business partners for customer and vendor master data.

Effects on Data Transfer

Effects on System Administration

To replicate master data, you set up a replication model in your source system.

Effects on Customizing

To set up a replication model in your source system using the DRF customizing transaction DRFIMG.

To activate key mapping you use transaction IDMIMG.

See Also

For more information about the Data Replication Framework, see http://help.sap.com/s4hana_op_1709_002 under Start of the navigation pathProduct Assistance Next navigation step Cross Components Next navigation step Data Replication FrameworkEnd of the navigation path.